Re: Any opinions on Fix-it Utilities Vcom Suite at as AV and Firewall / Norton Replacement?

From: Patty Amas (
Date: 11/18/04

Date: 17 Nov 2004 17:52:59 -0800

Thanks. Not using firewall portion. It is funny when you look at
certain products how they license pieces from other companies.

optikl <> wrote in message news:<O4Imd.518138$mD.57346@attbi_s02>...
> Patty Amas wrote:
> > I have Norton Systemworks and a Sygate purchased firewall. I also have
> > Adaware/Spybot combo and recently added Webroot's SpySweeper. I think
> > I will use SpySweeper instead of Spybot/Adaware since it covers all XP
> > user accounts (Spybot/Adaware must be run in each account) at once and
> > you do not have to run it in each account (did research and made phone
> > calls on this to manufacturers of all).
> Just be cautious with SpySweeper. It can produce false positives. Before
> you delete anything from quarantine, make sure you do some analysis on
> your own.
> >
> > The question is whether VCOM suite (formerly Fix-it Utilities) might
> > be strong enough to take the place of SpySweeper, Norton WinDoctor,
> > Norton SpeedDisk (utils in general), Norton/McAfee AV, and their
> > respective firewalls...........and do a decent job long-term?
> I actually have SystemSuite 5 from V-Com. The Firewall Component is
> based on Sygate PF. I'd suggest if you're using the Pro version already
> of Sygate, you keep that and *not* install the SS FW component
> (installation of that and the AV are optional). The AV component is
> based on TrendMicro's PC-Cillin product, although the scan engine is not
> the latest. Like most suites that try to incorporate different utilities
> from OEM's, the components fall-short of the branded products. I would
> strongly suggest that if you intend to replace what you're already using
> for a PFW and AV with what SS has, you reconsider that. SS is fine for
> its cleaning and registry fixing components (one of the best, safest and
> most thorough I have seen), but beyond that, it's check disk and
> defragmenting components are inferior to other 3rd party products you
> can get.
> >
> > I would assume not, but be great to have one product (as we all hope
> > for) that could be strong enough, updated enough / supported enough to
> > handle all of these tasks adequately. Opinions??
> See above.
> >
> > I used Fix-it once and liked the options it offered but do not know
> > how they stack up against Norton, McAfee products/features and Spyware
> > removal vendors.
> >
> > Thanks for all your opinions and facts in advance.
> >
> > Patty
> Patty, suites are generally *not* the solution.
> Regards

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