Re: Installed Zone Alarm: Internet Connection Sharing not working

From: Jeff Lord (
Date: 10/23/04

Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 11:54:09 -0400

Gregg Cattanach wrote:
> I disabled the WindowsXP Firewall and have installed ZoneAlarm on both my
> desktop and laptop machines. I can ping and share files between the two
> machines, but Internet connection sharing isn't working. The desktop
> connects to the Internet via dial-up, and when connected I even see the icon
> on the laptop in the tray for the Internet Gateway dialup connection, but I
> can't access any website from the laptop. When I try to it prompts for a
> phone number to dial-out with the modem. I've tried rerunning the Network
> Setup Wizard on both machines to no avail.
> I'm guessing there is something else I need to set in ZoneAlarm, but I don't
> know what.
> This is just a simple wired network through a router.
> Any suggestions are appreciated.

It may be just needing to adding your internal addresses to the Zones in
the Firewall tab in ZoneAlarm's control panel. I don't use the Internet
Gateway option but I'm thinking that Zone Alarm installed you the
desktop is set up with only the zone for the address that you got from
your dialup provider.


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