Re: Linksys Wireless Router versus Software Firewall? Need some opinions.

From: Patty Amas (
Date: 10/22/04

Date: 22 Oct 2004 12:22:43 -0700

Great perspectives. I trusted Steve Gibson more anyway going way back
into the 1980's.

"Woody" <> wrote in message news:<DI8ed.16152$>...
> The linksys router will relieve your system of processing all the network
> chatter. The software firewall should be kept as it will watch for any
> outgoing pests that may be installed by other programs. Without the router
> your system is being chewed up by incoming hits that the software firewall
> has to interrogate....
> "Patty Amas" <> wrote in message
> > Been running Sygate Professional (registered) firewall for some time.
> > Am behind a cable modem. Works okay.
> >
> > Since this is an older PC (PIII 800), winder if I could get rid of the
> > Sygate software firewall and use a Linksys Wireless Router (without
> > the Wireless enabled) in order to have the same functionality as the
> > Sygate firewall (would be same as a Zonealarm product).
> >
> >
> >
> > I guess both may be the way to go and I guess I could try going to
> > and running some tests with various combinations to see the
> > difference of Linksys hardware only, Sygate software only, nothing at
> > all, and combo of Linsys HW and Sygate sw.
> > Thanks much.
> >
> > Sincerely
> > Patty

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