Re: Outpost firewall 2.5

From: Kerodo (
Date: 10/19/04

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    Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004 22:39:09 -0700

    In article <>, says...
    > >Almost none of the bugs was removed, but we got some new ones... old and
    > >nasty bugs that annoyed me too much: netrange bug and shutdown bug with
    > >win2k pro (it stays freezed forever, failed to end xpcom:evntrciv process),
    > I'm running on Win2k pro, and have had no problems with shutdown.

    I had the shutdown problem mentioned here also on Win2k with 2.5. It
    was present in 2.1 as well. Outpost is hanging on to some registry
    keys/handles and not releasing them at shutdown. It doesn't happen
    every time, just once in a while, but it causes Win2k to hang at the
    "saving your settings" dialog for about 60 seconds while Windows tries
    to unload the registry and user profile. It gives up after 60 seconds
    and shuts down, but the user profile isn't properly updated, which may
    be a problem for some users.

    Anyone having this problem can solve it by running the Microsoft User
    Profile Hive Cleanup Service which can be found here (link may wrap):

    Other than that though, I find Outpost 2.5 to be very good...


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