Re: Sygate and GRC website

From: J Jay (
Date: 10/17/04

Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 17:02:53 GMT

Anna wrote:
> I ran a port scan on my workstation from the GRC site (
> ) and the results came back as a fail. Port 80 was open
> and many of the other ports showed as just closed rather then stealth.
> Any thoughts on how I can get all the ports as steath?
> I am using Sygate firewall and one of the features I read about it was that
> it recognizes port scans and blocks traffic for a specific amount of time.
> That being said, doesn't this imply that Sygate failed to protect my
> workstation. I've seen on my friends workstation where Sygate will give a
> popup saying that port scan detected and blocking traffic.
> I have checked the options in Sygate and ensured that port scan detection is
> enabled.
> thx
> Anna
If you failed to see the popup notification message, possibly it
is functional but hidden. At tools--options--general, see that
hide notification mess is not checked.
J Jay

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