Re: Any body else seeing this - WMP10 will not unload until ZA is shutdown

From: Ray (rwisanf_at_myrealbox.invalid)
Date: 10/16/04

Date: 16 Oct 2004 06:49:47 GMT

"ted" <> wrote in

> ZA
> Windows XP sp2
> Windows Media Player 10 v10.00.00.3646
> The WMP task disappears from the task bar, but the process is
> still running under task manager. And a new WMP process is created
> everytime WMP is run.
> WMP will only terminate when I shutdown ZA. Manually using task
> manager's End Process on WMP will not terminate it, neither will
> other 3rd party process terminators.
> Ideas?
> Yea.... Dump Zonealarm