Re: Linksys firewall question

From: Tom McCune (
Date: 10/16/04

Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2004 23:06:28 GMT

"Kaptain Krunch" <> wrote in

> LOL, well I was denied service when I got thousands of ICMP packets
> from a spoofed addy ( from port 0 to MYIPADDY port 0...
> kept rebooting the router under any firmware linksys had... they even
> sent me v.1.5.9 (available vers was 1.5.18)...Linksys admitted that
> the router wasnt handling ICMP packets very well LOL...

>> The BEFSX41 also has Denial of Service protection.

I still use firmware version 1.43.3, and all works well for me. I just
tested it again at, and it kicked in on all port testing at port
994. It only then closes that one IP address.

Tom McCune
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