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From: Fidelio (
Date: 10/14/04

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    Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 10:54:37 +0200

    I can speak only about number 1.

    Usualy the VPN server give the client an address from a pool of non-routable
    networks like 10.x.y.z so you must route the internal network thru the IP
    the server reserve from the pool for itself. And usualy if you configure the
    pool to be part of your internal addressing you become into big big


    "Roveer" <> escribió en el mensaje
    > I'm working with a Checkpoint VPN-1 Edge X device and am having a
    > tough time understanding VPN. I have gotten it working (kind of), but
    > have many questions.
    > 1st. When a connection is established should the remote computer pick
    > up an address from the LAN network? Mine does NOT do this. My other
    > VPN experiences always reassigned the IP address to "put you on the
    > Lan", But requests to internal IP address seem to work.
    > 2nd. When running the diagnostics from SecureClient it fails with a
    > -121 tunnel test failed message yet it seems to work.
    > 3rd. I took the device working from one cable company (patriot media)
    > to another cable company (optimum online), and I could always get a
    > "connection" from the client, just not any connectivity once the
    > client connected. Tried changing many settings (IKE, UDP encap etc),
    > but nothing seemed to work.
    > Finally, Policies? See lots of stuff on that but dont' really
    > understand it. Does this have something to do with the assignment of
    > an inside address?
    > Any help would be appreciated. I don't have any support subscription
    > for this device so I'm relying on help from outside to get it working.
    > Regards,
    > Roveer

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