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Date: 10/13/04

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    Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 16:21:37 -0500

    In article <>, <r> says...
    > Is there a way to block outgoing traffic? For example, with windows xp sp2
    > firewall, whenever a program such as Pocket PC Activsync or TIVO server
    > attempt to send outgoing traffic, a dialog pops up and asks whether or not
    > to allow it. I'm also thinking about software (such as AutoCAD) which
    > attempts to automatically connect to the internet. I understand that I can
    > turn the feature off in the software itself, but I don't want of that type
    > of outgoing traffic to be allowed.
    > I'm having problems running XP's firewall with my DLink router and want to
    > turn Windows Firewall off and rely on my "hardware" firewall.
    > However, it appears that there is a default rule that is set up to allow all
    > LAN sourced traffic pass. I created a rule that was essentially the
    > opposite (deny rather than allow) but then I can't do anything (browse the
    > internet, VPN into work, etc).

      The D-Link only has a basic firewall. All you can block is by port
    and/or IP address.

      What software are you having problems with? Why not use something like
    ZoneAlarm instead of MS's pathetic firewall? It only controls incoming
    (somewhat), and outgoing is more oriented at controlling programs using
    non-standard ports. Alot of software use standard HTTP port 80 for
    update checking, etc.. Don't force MS's firewall on if you are using
    another software firewall. Doing so could cause all sorts of weird
    problems and performance issues.

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