Re: Watchguard SOHO 6tc Configuration

From: Robin Grayson (
Date: 10/08/04

Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 08:24:09 +0100

On 7 Oct 2004 21:40:13 -0500, Micheal Robert Zium
<> wrote:

>Leythos wrote:
>>In article <>, robin@rg-
>> says...
>>> On Thu, 07 Oct 2004 16:43:07 GMT, Duane Arnold <>
>>> wrote:
>>> But don't I need the Router to actually connect the broadband? I'm
>>> unsure how to make the router "invisible" ie just a modem connected to
>>> the WAN port of the SOHO.
>>> Sorry if I have misunderstood what you said.
>>Duane's got it wrong - possibly.
>>You still need the DSL router that was provided by the ISP, in most
>>cases, you have two options:
>>1) You can get the ISP to give you a NON-NATTED address, one that gives
>>you a Public IP on the inside and outside of their DSL MODEM.
>>2) You can forward all traffic through the ISP's DSL MODEM to the SOHO
>>unit at a fixed internal IP address.
>3) Put the DSL/Modem/Router in bridged mode.
>That gives the SOHO a public IP Address on it's external interface,
>and the Modem has no IP.

Thanks Michael, I'll see if the router has a bridged mode.

Thank you to everyone who replied, it's cleared up something which was
a bit fuzzy :)