Re: A question : Outpost Personal Firewall Pro 2.1

From: Clark G (
Date: 10/07/04

Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 21:01:26 GMT

Gus <> wrote in news:htnam0lv4frum9ecau1bp42sgnpqjkdht0

> I am currently trying out Outpost Personal Firewall Pro 2.1. There is
> one problem which is a worry. Although the DNS Cache Event Log (and
> the others) indicates that there has been activity, eg Cache Hits 4,
> their is nothing in the Detailed Log. There is nothing in any of the
> logs. I was looking forward to examining the contents.
> Your comments/advice would be helpful.

What are you worried about? DNS caching is a performance enhancing
feature, not a security feature. What do want to see in the log? To tell
you that it didn't have to go to the DNS server 4 times (cache hit) to look
up while you were surfing microsoft's site? I can think
of a lot more important features/fixes that Agnitum should work on before
this one.

Clark G
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