Re: Kerio Winroute Problem...

From: Glaca (
Date: 10/05/04

Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2004 01:16:38 +0200

OK, it's no problem anymore.
I had Sygate Per. Fir. installed and it conflict with Kerio (SPF service was
stopped, but is still conflict with Kerio)
I'v uninstall SPF and Kerio works good :)

Użytkownik "Glaca" <> napisał w wiadomości
> After I'v instaled KWF 6.0.5, I still have this warning: WinRoute Driver:
> Adapter TransferDataHandler Invalid buffer tag?!
> My internet connection (LAN) doesn't work (dhcp client seems to be
> it has wrong IP)
> Any sugestions?