Re: ISP keeps connecting to my port 445

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Date: 09/27/04

Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 10:57:21 +0000

Madhur Ahuja wrote:

> Hello
> Whenever I connect to my ISP *Reliance India Ltd.*, I keep getting
> incoming connections for port 445 from one of their computers, which my
> firewall obviously drops. I need to know whether I should do something
> about this or this is normal.

This is not normal, and is an attempt for them to share files with you. DO
NOT leave that port open, and block all attempts. It might be that your
ISP has been hacked, so don't think it's someone that works for the ISP.

> I think port 445 is used by Netbios, are they looking my computer for the
> shared folers?.


> Should I drop those connections or just deny them.

Drop/deny them all.
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