Re: Does anyone know anything about Kapersky Anti-Hacker?

From: Mark Timerding (
Date: 09/27/04

Date: Sun, 26 Sep 2004 23:26:27 GMT

On 26-Sep-2004, optikl <> wrote:

> Mark, my experience with utility suites

   Thanks for the input .... I read in its documentation that its
'Packet Filtering Rules' supercede all the 'Application Rules' ..... which
explain why something *I* added to the Application Rules as DISALLOWED
may still be allowed. But, seeing as maybe I am too dumb to understand
the Packet Filtering Rules (i.e. Allow UDP Packet if remote port is DNS53")
I have no idea if thats the problem.

But, the fact that the 'Current Active Connections' and 'Current Open Ports'
always listed as NONE tells me something is wrong. (Even tho I may have 10
things open and connected)

So, I guess I will just wait for IOLO to ADMIT that maybe it is broken, and
what they offer. (Shouldnt hold my breath waiting for a refund I guess)

Pity if it is ... Last years System Mechanic used Panda Platinum 7 (firewall
virus checker) which worked very well.