Re: Checkpoint VPN & Norton Internet Security

From: Ohadi Langis (
Date: 09/22/04

Date: 21 Sep 2004 20:41:23 -0700

Finally got an answer from Checkpoint. The answer to the conflict is
not in Norton Firewall. It turns out Checkpoint does not like the
firewall in the Beklin router I have on my home wireless network.
Checkpoint says configure its software as follows to solve the

* Configure
**Connection Profile
-- uncheck the last option "toute all traffic through gateway
-- save and "ok" the profile.
Reboot and login

Worked for me. (Ohadi Langis) wrote in message news:<>...
> After installing Norton Internet Security 2004 on a PC connected to
> the Internet via a cable modem at 1.5 Mbs, Checkpoint VPN was
> installed. While Norton's firewall automatically wrote rules to allow
> it work seamlessly with my PC and the remote host, it now writes these
> rules every time the PC boots. I'm using a Belkin router.
> Is there anyway to get the Firewall to accept its own rules and shut
> up?