Re: SPF - Part II

From: Casey (
Date: 09/15/04

Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 21:53:47 GMT

In article <>, says...
> Thank you for some of the guidance in the first post. The OS is
> Win98se, the browser is IE5.5. Tried to install and re-install.
> Sygate tries to load, but fails without an error message. Machine
> seems to be free of virus, spyware, adware based on all the usual
> utilities.
> Any other "out-of-the-box" suggestions? tia
Well, I've got two WAGs. Did the updated version you installed
come from here?
On this page there are two different links for D/Ls.
One for XP, 2000, and ME. The other for NT, 98, and 95.
Could you have accidently gotten the wrong link? (most unlikely).

Here is something I have noticed about Sygate short-cuts.
In my start/programs/applications, a short-cut is put here upon
installation of Sygate. If I R-click it and look at properties
then select target, I get:
If I go to the Sygate folder and drag a short-cut from smc.exe
to the desktop, its properties/target is:
D:\applications\sygate\smc.exe (there is no -start)
For testing, if I shut down Sygate at the tray icon, and then
try to restart it from the desktop short-cut icon (no -start),
Sygate won't start.
Could your problem be somehow related to this?
Good luck, Casey