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Date: 09/14/04

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    Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 07:15:07 GMT

    "mhicaoidh" <> wrote in message
    > Taking a moment's reflection, John mused:
    > I really don't think it's a Sygate issue. It's highly unlikely that
    > Sygate has the ability through intent or bug to keep that setting from
    > remaining unchecked.
    This is not what the previous posts in this thread imply. What they
    discuss, and accurately, is that WinXP's Service Pack 2 does not recognize
    Sygate Firewalls (and some others), so the new WinXP SP2 Security Center
    shows no firewall installed (if the Windows firewall is disabled). This
    actually is, according to Sygate's website, a problem that Sygate must
    rectify via a patch or new version.
    The OP of this thread states that he will now disable the Security Center
    until Sygate corrects their software so that the Security Center does
    recognize it.


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