Re: Kerio and .NET Applications

From: Rolleston (
Date: 09/13/04

Date: Mon, 13 Sep 2004 20:05:16 +0100

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 15:17:10 +1000, F T <> wrote:
>Check out this forum, they were pretty active and used to post up alot
>of rulesets for Kerio 2.1.5. Haven't been there for a while, but they
>should have the rulesets archived. A user called BZ's rules were fairly
>good for starters..and ofcourse, alot of them explained what they were
>doing, and why they were doing it ;)

Thank you. I've cobbled together some fairly restrictive & basic
rules that seem to work. The mail server connection seems to
require outgoing rules only.

I don't suppose there's a way to edit and save these rules in
ascii format? The Kerio interface is just a little bit fiddly to use.