Re: Hello Everyobody

From: Jerry McBride (
Date: 09/12/04

Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2004 23:48:10 -0400

F T wrote:

> Jerry McBride wrote:
>> Are you the person that got my brothers job when it was "out-sourced"
>> recently?
>> Are you the guy now asking for help in figuring out HOW TO DO HIS job?
>> You got some REAL BRASS....
>> Why don't you do what my brother did and read the books, go to college
>> and pay your own way, instead of try to get someone else to do your
>> work...
>> It's bad enough that we are loosing some/most of our top paying jobs to
>> india, it's an INSULT when you come here and ask help to figure out YOUR
> What do your personal problems have to do with anything ? Tell your
> brother to go read some more books, gain some more experience and try
> and defend his job.

It's not a personal problem until it touches you.

How do you defend your life long career being off shored to someone making
less than $80.00 a month, working 50, 60 hours a week with no benefits?

And that same off-shore employee comes back asking HOW to do the job he's
supposed to know?

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