Re: Am i OK? Getting a LOT of alerts from my router about LAND!!!

From: Stevie_mac (
Date: 09/09/04

Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 14:05:57 GMT


I neglected to add that my wife was using bit torrent, which uses mainly port 6881.

I have since opened port 6881 & the problem has stopped, no more router alerts!

I wouldn't normally open ports but after a little googling, it would appear to be 'safe' to do this.

Any thoughts?

"Stevie_mac" <> wrote in message news:CqX%c.3605$
> Hello all you security experts & networking gurus!
> I am currently getting a glut of alerts. The majority or the 'attacks' are LAND. I am currently getting about 3
> alerts every 10 mins or so!
> Do I have anything to be worried about? - the reason I ask is that the SOURCE and DESTINATION IP addresses are the
> same (my DHCP assigned WAN address), only the port numbers differ.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Some other info that might help...
> Router has NAT and firewall
> 1PC has XP SP2 & firewall on, has been on IRC & emule
> 1PC has XP SP1 & has been / is on IRC
> Sample Alert from router...
> Dear User
> Your router has detected and protected you against an attempt to gain access to your network. This may have been an
> attempted hacker intrusion, or perhaps just your Internet Service Provider doing routine network maintenance.
> Most of these network probes are nothing to be worried about - these types of random probes should NOT be reported,
> but you may want to report repeated intrusions attempts. Save this email for comparison with future alert messages.
> Your router Alert Information
> Time: 09/09/2004, 12:11:19
> Message: LAND
> Source:, 55747
>, 6881

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