Re: Question about replacing firewall in router/swith combo while still using switch

From: Duane Arnold (
Date: 09/01/04

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    Date: Wed, 01 Sep 2004 03:50:49 GMT

    Steve Rosenfelt <> wrote in

    > Hello all,
    > What are your thoughts on this scenario? I have a client with a
    > Netgear 8 port firewall/swith. I'm going to install a Fortigate 50A
    > managed firewall with AV screening. Can I use the 8 port DLINK
    > firewall switch as a switch only?

    You should be able to take it out of DHCP mode.

    > One cable between the modem and the fortigate, another between the
    > fortigate and the 8 port bank on the DLINK router/firewall and clients
    > plugged into the same bank. The Wan port on the Dlink will be empty.

    D-Link that is new turned into a SW is connected by LAN port to the other
    device LAN port. You'll need to set the Device IP of the D-link to a
    static IP of the other device so that the machines on both devices can
    share resources and access the Internet.

    You should call D-link Tech support for the proper setup of the D-link

    The above is what I did to connect the Linksys BEF11S4 router that was
    turned into a wireless SW and connected into the WatchGuard SOHO 6.

    Duane :)

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