Re: Firewall Installation

From: Val (gryphonix_at_hotmail-dot-com)
Date: 08/28/04

Date: Sun, 29 Aug 2004 09:25:56 +1200

Dunno to much about the watchguard FW but some of your questions
I might be able to answer.

> My first question is: Is it ok to install the firewall controller
> software on the server? Or should I attach it to a client.

Depends really, if your server is running some important applications
and its vital that the server needs to be up and running all the time,
then its best to use a client PC

> My second question is: I am trying to place the firewall between the
> dsl modem and the linksys router. Is this the best place for the
> router or should it be moved to another location?

In theory, I would assume now that you've got a FW, that should be
handling the routing between your internal nodes/server and the DSL router.
The linksys router can be removed from the picture.

> My third question is: I have already placed the firewall between the
> dsl modem and the router and the watchguard software has been unable
> to locate the firebox. Why is this so?

If your running a different network address between the linksys router and
and from your internal clients, then the FW needs to the correct gateway to
the return packets back to, i.e the linksys router else it would be
forwarding its packets
to its default route which could be the internet (DSL router),
also another thing that pops to mind with firewalls and all, is that do you
need to allow
access from the client to FW first ? some rules on the FW that says, allow
remote access
from this address ?

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