Re: ZoneAlarm: Problem with disengaging the Internet lock

From: Chris (
Date: 08/08/04

Date: Sun, 08 Aug 2004 17:07:04 +0200

Thor Kottelin wrote:
> Chris wrote:
>>I tried ipconfig /renew in a DOS window after
>>disengaging the lock and ZA is working again. Thank you :-)
>>Do you think there is a means to automatically do that without having
>>each time to open a DOS window when I am back to my desk?
> You could put the command in a script, and place a shortcut e.g. on your
> desktop for ease of double-clicking.
> OTOH, do you really need to disconnect from the network every time you leave
> your desk? Apart from DHCP, other services such as NTP and Windows Update
> will also suffer, not to mention any terminal and/or chat sessions you might
> want to run. A properly administrated computer can be connected to the
> Internet 24/7, but an insecure one can be cracked in a few seconds, even if
> someone is sitting at the console.
> Thor
Yes I understand your comment. And that is certainly right. The
problem with me is that I do not understand firewalls and security
problems very well so that I do not know what to do to configure ZA
correctly and to take the right action if ZA tell me some obscure
service wants to access the Internet or act as a server. I just
understand very basic things in that respect.