my computer is sending a lot of data out but I am not uploading?

From: dennis quinn (
Date: 08/03/04

Date: 2 Aug 2004 17:34:20 -0700

I have an xp machine. I have a dial-up connection

I am using tiny firewall 6.0 I have nod32 and it's up to date. I use
adaware and spybot, hackthis and cwsshredder. I have shut port 135
445 and dcom is turn off. I have also turned off the spam messages in
messenger and the upnp is closed.

After about 2 hours the amount of outbound traffic starts to increase
and by the morning it tells me it has sent eg 345,987,765bytes. So,
it ticks over like crazy even when there is no visible traffic.
Everything that I can close is closed.

I have used tcpview, commview and part of tfp 6.0 to monitor it. I
can't see what or who is sending the data out. I am about to try cable

I am coming to end of what I know. I have scanned and probed to the
best of my ability. I am also coming to end of my rope. I am also
seriously considering reimaging my drive, just to put an end to it.

I am hoping that someone can help, because I would dearly love to know
waht's going on.

Thanks in advance. Please feel free to eamil me directly if you

Dennis Quinn

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