Re: The repair guy told me Sygate Firewall was spyware

From: Mike (
Date: 07/29/04

Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 17:25:57 +0100

Mailman wrote:
> Duane Arnold wrote:
>>"JunkMonkey" <Jnkmonkey@notscape.not> wrote in
>>>And it was the cause of all my troubles with my wife's PC. I've never
>>>heard this before and I am VERY suspicious. (He also offered to sell
>>>me Norton's firewall for $50). Neither Spybot or Ad-Aware recognize
>>>it as spyware, and it is the Firewall included in V-com's System Suite
>>>5. It's easy to set up and easy to use, I am reluctant to write this
>>>product off without getting some input from additional people with
>>>more experience than me. I hope that is the readers of this post.
>>>Before I write this guy off as a scam artist, is there any shred of
>>>evidence that in any convoluted way could support his claim that
>>>Sygate is spyware? I am hoping he is just an opinionated nut rather
>>>than a crook.
>>I got some swamp land in Mississippi for a real good price if you got the
>>time to listen. ;-)
>>Duane :)
> ...not to mention some prime beach-front property in Northern Mali.
> OP: check if he meant Sygate (as a product) or your program that appears
> like it. It just might be conceivable (though unlikely) that you have some
> kind of spyware that masquerades as Sygate - a fine product in its own
> right.

There's a nice bridge here in London to go with the other one you have.

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