Re: Can't reconfigure Netgear router after modem change

From: Jeff (
Date: 07/17/04

Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2004 22:42:37 GMT

The router has two settings, Use the following IP Address, and Obtain IP
Address dynamically from ISP. I've tried both, using both my NIC MAC
address and my Modem MAC address. Each time I did turn off the modem and
router in between trials for five minutes as had been suggested to me a
longtime ago when I was first installing the router. And I have used the
router reset button to clear all settings so I could be sure I was starting
fresh. When I connect the router in the network I can't ping anything
(except maybe the router itself).

"kony" <> wrote in message
> On Fri, 16 Jul 2004 09:00:09 GMT, "Jeff" <> wrote:
> >I've about given up since I've tried everything I can think of. My ISP
> >won't support the router, and I'm still waiting for Netgear to reply to
> >request for technical assistance.
> >
> >I have a Netgear MR814v2 router for firewall protection. My OS is Win XP
> >Pro. And not that it matters, but my ISP is Comcast.
> >
> >Recently I was having frequent connectivity problems over my cable
> >connection. I thought it was the ISP's problem until I eventually called
> >and found out that there had been no service interruptions in my area.
> Which basically means nothing. Consider that when someone calls
> with a problem and is told that there are "no service
> interruptions", if they DO have a service interruption, the tech
> on the phone just assumes "user error, not our fault" when they
> don't really know. A tech should be able to see if you're
> (moden) is connected to the network. If they can't tell you even
> that it's time to ask for next tier of support. If you need to
> ask for a manager, once someone comes on the phone, you even have
> to ASK them if they are indeed a manager, else you may just get
> handed off to someone else..
> >A
> >Comcast Tech rep who came out said the problem was my modem (a Toshiba
> >PCX1100U). Recently I had bought a new D-Link DCM-200 cable modem
> >it was only $20 after rebate, and I wanted a backup. So the Tech rep
> >Comcast and I hooked up my backup modem, and after calling Comcast to
> >them the MAC address of the new modem, my connection was established.
> OK, this is a confirmed working modem, keep using it while
> reconfiguring the router, not switching back and forth with the
> modems again.
> >The
> >tech rep and I tried to get the router to work in the connection without
> >luck. We seemed to have all of the neccessary information: IP address,
> >Subnet mask, Default gateway, DNS servers.
> Subnet of the WAN or LAN? LAN is typically, but
> WAN may be different. Gateway needs be correct but forget about
> DNS server and just ping IP addresses on the WWW instead of
> Domain names.
> >In Network connections the OS
> >was set for DHCP address assignment. But I cannot get the router to
> Can you ping the router from the PC?
> >The connection is fine without the router. I've tried spoofing the MAC
> >both the computer network interface MAC and to the cable modem MAC, but
> >neither of these options has helped.
> Do not clone the router's MAC to be same as any other connected
> device... not the PC, not the modem. _IF_ you told Comcast the
> MAC of your PC's network card as a requirement for service then
> you either need to tell them switch that to the MAC of the
> router, or use a different network card and clone the PC network
> card's MAC to the router (assign router the MAC assigned to the
> network card you have removed and aren't using anymore).
> Check any connection lights for link between router and modem.
> After Comcast tech tells you they can or can't see your modem (a
> tech that has the ability to check that), have someone try to
> ping the router over the internet. Of course if the router has a
> setting to disregard pings, that setting should be disabled.
> Basically you need to go step by step testing links between each
> part of the chain till you find where it stops.
> opening a command prompt window on the PC (type "cmd" in windows
> 2K/XP run box) and do a traceroute...
> "tracert"
> (or substitute any IP you want, know is a system with active
> internet connection)
> You should see (after a few seconds) a list of times and
> addresses. First address should be the router, usually default
> for router is If you see _any_ IP addresses after
> the router, your router is connected properly to the Comcast
> equipment. If you see only the router IP, the router to modem is
> the problem. If you can't even see the router IP, then the PC's
> TCP/IP settings are not correct. I"m probably leaving out a few
> details but it's easier to work backwards and find out exactly
> what is and isn't working rather than trying to speculate every
> potential issue.
> >I've tried setting the router to get
> >the IP address dynamically from the ISP without luck.
> Does Comcast support doing that?
> What happens when you set it to do that?
> On the router's configuration menus, does it show it succeeded in
> retreiving that info?
> >I tried getting tech
> >support from Netgear on the phone, but by the time the tech rep was done
> >feeding me instructions, not only could I not ping the router, but when I
> >took the router out of the path I couldn't connect to the internet
> >It took a little while but eventually I thought to use System Restore to
> >back a day and my connection was restored.
> >
> >Does anybody have any advice? Netgear Tech support is somewhere between
> >incompetent and nonexistent.
> Basically what you need to do is pretend the router IS the PC.
> Whatever settings Comcast instructed to set on your PC (beyond
> merely installing TCP/IP and binding it to the network adapter)
> are settings that should be configured on the router, wherever
> possible. Then with router as DHCP server, after PC boots it
> should show it's IP address as one assigned by router, in
> addition to Subnet mask, gateway. At that point, try pinging
> things from the PC in order- Ping yourself (the PC's IP
> address), then router, then address I listed above in tracert
> example.