Netgear FVS318 cannot log "All incoming and outgoing traffic"

From: Anon (
Date: 07/09/04

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    Date: Fri, 09 Jul 2004 20:57:34 GMT


    I naively assumed that the online manual for the Netgear FVS318, which
    shows an option to log "All incoming and outgoing traffic" was correct
    (fvs318_ref_manual_14.pdf: Chapter 7, "Viewing, Selecting, and Saving
    Logged Information", p.101 of 222).

    It's not.

    That option is not in the out-of-the-box v1.4 firmware screen, nor the
    current production v2.3 screen (which I just upgraded to).

    Does anyone know:

    Is that functionality planned for a future release? If so, is there any
    estimated time for that release?

    Is there ANY Netgear router that has that functionality? (This is
    obviously difficult to tell, if the online documentation isn't trustworthy).

    Does anyone know if the comparable family of LinkSys routers (e.g., the
    BEFSR81) can log all incoming/outgoing? Their manual says so, but I
    don't know if they're any more reliable than Netgear.

    If neither Netgear nor Linksys, any other recommendations?

    After I installed my newly-arrived FVS318 and discovered the option
    wasn't there, I called Netgear support. I got a fella that sounded like
    he was in India (I'd heard stories about their 1st level of tech support
    being offshored). After some confusion he seemed to understand my
    question. He indicated (after putting me on hold for a while) that he'd
    talked to a higher level of support and that this logging functionality
    was in development, but there was no ballpark release date.

    Between their credibility gap and the language gap, I'm hard pressed to
    believe that this functionality will ever see the light of day (or the
    bits of a firmware ugprade).

    I'm essentially trying to monitor (at the router) my kids' Internet
    usage. I'm not trying to block them, just monitor.

    Any help is appreciated. This particular area is not my specialty, so I
    haven't been monitoring these newsgroups, and a GOOGLE search didn't
    turn up much.

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