Re: Looking for hardware VPN solution to connect 3 networks

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Date: 06/25/04

Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 19:54:00 GMT

In article <>,
> Does anyone know the best solution for VPN connecting 3 networks at
> different locations?
> I want an "always on" hardware solution so that there is a minimal
> configuration requirement for the end user.
> Anyone have any recommendations?


You didn't give us enough information, but there are several solutions
that are available in most situations:

If each location has a FIXED (Static) IP address then you can use about
any VPN router/device on the market, if they don't have fixed IP
addresses then you have some issues to deal with.

A cheap method to setup VPN tunnels between locations is to use the
Linksys VPN routers - BEFVP41. They permit you to create 20 IPSec
tunnels and have some nice features that make setup simple - about 10
minutes and you'll be done.

I've used these units with WatchGuard firewalls for small clients, and
as stand alone VPN routers for other small clients. The run about $112
each (USD).

Here is a link a vendor that sells them:

Unlike the other responder, that provided the link to their OWN STORE, I
have no connection with CDW or Linksys.

In your basic config you will need to create two tunnels at each router,
the tunnels will permit each office to see each other office. If you
only want two offices connecting to 1 office, and the other two offices
don't need to connect to each other, well, you get the idea....

Keep in mind, the live/open tunnels will permit the spread of virus's
between the networks if you have the tunnels open all the time. If you
only need part-time tunnels from two locations to one location, you
could always use soft VPN tunnels between the systems (that users
initiate) when needed. This would be more secure, as users would control
the connections - possibly less chance of a virus spreading to all

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