Re: Cisco VPN Client pass-through a Netscreen?

From: Jens Hoffmann (
Date: 06/22/04

Date: Tue, 22 Jun 2004 08:36:43 +0200


admin too <> wrote:
> I have a couple clients vesting a site where they have a small Netscreen
> unit and they will need to tunnel through to our home site using the Cisco
> VPN Client software on their laptop. What should I tell the local admin to
> do? Open which ports and how to config VPN pass-through?

I made the assumption, that the netscreen is in NAT mode ;)
Could be in route mode, than you have to work accordingly.
The netscreen knowledgebase is useful.

Why don't you use a site-to-site VPN with the netscreen acting
as a client against you VPN-concentrator?

Then the local admin has a chance to enforce some policy regarding
the connection to your site and does not need to trust the foreign client.


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