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From: Lars M. Hansen (
Date: 06/20/04

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 07:20:19 -0400

On 20 Jun 2004 00:39:11 -0500, Micheal Robert Zium spoketh

>Lars M. Hansen wrote:
>>Some firewalls use application proxies rather than packet filters. So,
>>that would make it very much a "firewall" program on the firewall.
>Really? Could you provide some examples? Thank you.

Symantec Enterprise Firewall (formerly Axent Raptor) uses proxies for
several protocols, such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP, Telnet and possibly H.232.
This allows for better control of what goes through the firewall, and
that it complies with protocol specifications.

For HTTP, that means you can block "port" while allow "get", as well as
specifying url filters to prevent uploads/downloads of specific urls
(one that was recommenced was to filter out cmd.exe to block out
Nimda.Code Red).

For SMTP, you had the option to block certain commands, such as VRFY and
EXPN, set limits on the number of recipients, check against blackhole

I think Leythos have mentioned on several occasions that the Watchguard
line of firewalls also uses proxies, at least for http.

Lars M. Hansen
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