M$ Messenger file transfer and SOHO3

Date: 06/19/04

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 01:49:29 GMT

        I'm having issues with messenger. I'd like to be able to
transfer files with family members but can get M$ Messenger and or
Firewall to cooperate. I'm running a SonicWall SOHO3 (with NATand
latest firmware) and Zone Alarm 4.X.

         In the SW management under Access>Services, I have Messenger
support checked and in Access>Rules, I have a rule allowing all on
port [6891-6900] TCP6. Can anyone tell me if this is correct? I'm a
bit of an armature with Internet security and that was the reason I
bought the firewall appliance.

        The other big question I have is am I safe with the default
rule set? Which is:

Allow All Default LAN *
Deny All Default * LAN

If anyone has suggestions, extra rules, or Internet sites that will
help me harden my Firewall I'd be very grateful.

Thank You,

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