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From: Donald McDaniel (
Date: 06/17/04

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    Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 19:40:53 -0700

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    >>>>> "Donald McDaniel" <> made me
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    >>>>>>> On Sat, 12 Jun 2004 17:44:25 -0700, "Donald McDaniel"
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    >>>>>> NO, I am saying that what you think is FREE (as in "free
    >>>>>> software") is not free. I say that someone somewhere down the
    >>>>>> line PAYS for it. If not you, then the ones who created it, or
    >>>>>> the ones who distribute it. I am encouraging people to PURCHASE
    >>>>>> their firewall. If they do, they will get a BETTER product, and
    >>>>>> the ones who created it will be able to feed their children and
    >>>>>> pay their bills.
    >>>>> <SNIP>
    >>>>> So Don, could you enlighten us all as to the purpose of
    >>>>> OpenSource ?
    >>>>> Are you saying that if I choose to run IPTables instead of some
    >>>>> paid for FW that somehow I am a bad person ?
    >>>>> I'd love to know.
    >>>>> SysAdm
    >>>> NO, I am saying that if you choose to pay for your software, you
    >>>> are not a stupid or bad person, as some in this thread would have
    >>>> you believe.
    >>> The only person saying that is you by extrapolating your own
    >>> meanings from what people are actually saying
    >>>> For some reason or another, many users have decided that so-called
    >>>> "free" software is more to be desired than software you pay for.
    >>>> This is why so many millions of people use P2P networks to download
    >>>> "free" software. I submit that the REAL reason they download
    >>>> so-called "free" software is because they are GREEDY.
    >>> You just don't get it do you? You are now confusing Open Source,
    >>> free and pirated software.
    >>> The reason people use free software is because smart companies
    >>> realise that some people don't need all the functions of a full
    >>> product but understand that by providing a free sample shifts more
    >>> paid for product.
    >>> Its a bit like the free shampoo samples that are attached to the
    >>> pages of magazines. But then I suppose you would refuse to use them
    >>> and go out and buy a full retail bottle. ROFL!
    >> You simply are unable to garner information from posts, dude.
    >> Nowhere have I said using so-called "free" software is a bad thing.
    >> What I HAVE been saying is this: There is no particular virtue in
    >> using so-called "free" software over using software you pay for. In
    >> fact, I say that those who prefer to use so-called "free" software
    >> rather than pay for it are greedy dogs. Have fewer beers this week,
    >> and pay $19.95 for a firewall (this is what I paid for Outpost Pro,
    >> because Agnitum offers a cheap upgrade to those users who already
    >> have other licensed firewall products. Symantec also offers such
    >> upgrades. Think of it: don't buy 5 beers at the local pub, and you
    >> will be able to pay for it.
    >> Here is one reason I would rather pay for my software than use
    >> so-called "free" versions: ZoneAlarm (free version) pops up a
    >> notification on EVERY event, which you must dismiss before you can
    >> do ANYTHING else on your desktop, while ZoneAlarm Pro allows you to
    >> decide on the frequency of these notifications. I prefer to have
    >> control over what appears on my desktop, rather than live at the
    >> mercy of arbitrary popups constantly appearing.
    >> Most so-called "free" software is much like ZoneAlarm (free). You
    >> always
    >> pay for your software in some way. There's no such thing as a free
    >> lunch.
    >> I would never use free shampoo samples unless I had no other
    >> shampoo. Such samples are never enough to do a proper job, anyway.
    >> So-called "free" software has a good application: checking out the
    >> effectiveness of a particular program for my particular needs. Many
    >> times, however, so-called "free" software is crippled, and a trial
    >> cannot truly gauge the effectiveness of the software.
    >> I reiterate: The majority of those who use so-called "free" software
    >> instead of paying for it are greedy dogs.
    > <SIGH>

    Why don't you go around dumpster-diving for your shampoo, since you will get
    it "free", if you love "free" so much. Of course, you will probably also
    get scabies or even leprosy for your trouble, and you will gain a heavy

    In the mean time, I will pay for my software when I can afford to. I have
    every right to do this. I am NOT stupid, as one person in this thread
    intimates. I also have a clear conscience, because I don't steal my
    software off P2P networks. Intimating that I am stupid because I pay for my
    software when able to is the same thing as claiming that a man is stupid to
    pay his rent, or buy an automobile. Shucks, you guys like "free" so much,
    why not become squatters, and deceive yourselves into thinking that you are
    taking over an abandoned building somewhere, instead of paying for an
    airconditioned apartment in a nice building.

    If you are going to use so-called "free" software, go right ahead. There is
    nothing wrong with looking for a bargain. However, remember that you will
    pay for it in the end, not matter how "free" you think it is. But DON'T
    impugn the good names of those who prefer to pay for it by claiming they are
    stupid if they do.

    Donald L McDaniel
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