Re: ZoneAlarm - Latest Release - Lots of Problems

From: benwood (
Date: 06/04/04

Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2004 09:49:57 -0700

I also rolled back to 4.5.594 and got everything to work. I think
everything in the new ZA worked except it blocked my web server with any
setting except opening up Internet & Local zone completely, and even
then it didn't always work. 2nd time I've had to roll back the upgrade
from them.

benwood wrote:

> Nobody You Need To Know wrote:
>> The latest iteration (5) of Zone Alarm is rife with problems. Best
>> stay away from it until Zone Labs can get it properly fixed.
> Wish I'd checked here first :-) .... really screwed up my web server
> (IIS) with no feedback whatsoever. Will reinstall the prior version I
> was using and wait until the dust settles.