Re: AV software on partial internet connected network?

From: Duane Arnold (
Date: 06/03/04

Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 11:46:58 GMT

Tx2 <> wrote in

> I am dealing with a network of 6 PC's of which only one is directly
> connected to the internet. The network is a 'standard' XP workgroup
> type.
> Is it necessary to install AV and firewall software on the remaining 6
> PC's as they only ever retrieve/store info from a folder on the
> connected system, not each other.
> The internet connected PC should pick up on any viruses that 'come in',
> so the other machines shouldn't really get infected, should they?
> Or would i be wise to ensure all 6 machines are equally protected?

You should look into IPsec that's on the O/S to secure the LAN between
the machines. The AnalogX SecPol file when implemented on each machine
will provide that protection.

Also, one needs a stand alone AV on each machine as there are more than
one way to have a machine compromised with malware, which usually happens
with *happy finger* users behind a gateway device that's providing

Lastly, if you have no reason not to be using a NAT router as the gateway
device for the LAN and WAN, then may be you should look into getting one
as they provide better protection and are cheap, like $20. And you can
plug a standalone hub or switch in to the LAN port of the router to
extend the network.

Duane :)

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