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Date: 06/01/04

Date: Mon, 31 May 2004 22:20:01 GMT

I believe that it is not the actual programs such as Process Explorer
trying to connect to verisign, but is in fact Windows Explorer itself.
On my system, even right-clicking folders that have not been previously
right-click triggers a connect attempt, and my firewall identifies the
culprit as Windows Explorer.

I do not accept that ignoring disguised connects is ever okay,
especially if the theoretical purpose is protection of the user. With
MS plan to implement a monthly rental model for all software (admitted
to by Gates), any unacknowledged connects represent a potential stone
in the foundation of the plan.

I will not quietly help them build the infrastructure used to
"technologically enslave" me.

Claudio wrote:
> *On Mon, 3 May 2004 18:28:30 +0200, "GJ"
> <> wrote:
> >BTW, i'm
> >using process explorer version 8.35
> So am I
> >
> >hmm, i just started process explorer to look for that version
> number. I
> >accidently clicked the help menu in stead of the about menu. A help
> menu
> >opens and then a kerio popup: 'Sysinternals Process Explorer' from
> your
> >computer wants to connect to [],
> port 80
> >This is initiated from the help menu, as far as i can see, and not
> from the
> >process explorer itself.
> >
> >When did your popup occur? Did you also clicked on help?
> I have noticed many programs trying to access the verisign site so I
> put a warning (in the firewall) on their IP. That is how i noticed
> that Process Explorer was accessing the site. It does not so
> always,
> but yesterday it did. As told, if i disable the network no attempt
> is
> made.
> Now you tell me that it also try to access
> ---
> I believe that the situation is much more complicated that it
> appears
> at first sight. Many more programs that one would expect try to
> access
> internet. Much of this activity is of no advantage to the user, but
> it
> may be to the companies that surreptitiously use your connection for
> reasons you may not agree if you were informed. *

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