Re: Patching the patches

From: Joseph V. Morris (
Date: 05/23/04

Date: Sun, 23 May 2004 10:33:55 -0400

I went back up to take a look at what I think was your original post in this
thread on that problem dated 14 May. I THINK what you're describing is more
likely related to a DIFFERENT problem associated with a Redirector upate
around 29 April, IIRC. There WERE some people who had problems with that
LU (and using NIS/NPF 2003, I might add), but I don't at the moment where I
saw that discussed. . . .

"LAH" <wildcatsareus@kansas.nonet> wrote in message
> . . . . It was may understanding, after
> speaking to tech support, that a new patch was put out last Friday.

The patch that I just referred to was apparently put out late on Saturday
(22 May or 23 May, depending on where your clock is set), which is unusual
in and of itself. I think the one you are referring to was dated 15 May?

The problem with these Redirector updates is that they can actually involve
one or more of a dozen different executables and it's very difficult to find
out which files are actually being changed. (And it would be NICE if they
were a bit more forthcoming about that, inasmuch as half the effort in this
latest fiasco went into simply trying to locate which NIS/NPF 2002 file was
screwed up.)

>I've uninstalled and ran LiveUpdate after last Friday but am still getting
> same errors. (See my other posts in this thread.) Hope it works better
> 2002 users than it did for me.

Still waiting for a definitive conclusion from someone running NIS/NPF 2002
as to whether this LiveUpdate really solves anything. Seems to me that the
BBR/DSLR thread referenced includes one report of no problems on NIS/NPF

> Perhaps I'm not getting the same patched
> update or perhaps no patched update at all since I'm using 2003 and most
> users with problems are using 2002.

It's quite likely that the patches SHOULD be different between 2002, on the
one hand, and 2003/2004, on the other. Symantec made a rather dramatic
change in the executable architecture at that point (so the CODE at least
should be considerably different). Also, there's a little matter of which
OS is in use. I think Win 9x/ME users still get *.vxd files while Win
NT/2K/XP users now get *.sys files.

Sorry, I can't help more. I've never even seen NIS/NPF 2003 or 2004.