Exchange Server 2000, Barracuda Spam Filter and Cisco Pix506

From: dbeaulieu (
Date: 05/18/04

Date: 17 May 2004 19:37:10 -0700

Does anyone know if you can do port forwarding on a PIX 506 with v

Is it totally necessary to upgrade the Cisco PIX 506 software?

We have an Exchange server behind a Barracuda spam filter which is
behind a Cisco PIX 506.

Since the Barracuda only filters on port 25, all other traffic
including our pop3 service is being blocked. Needless to say, users
outside of our network can no longer access their email.

I need to re-route some ports around the Barrracuda.

I have contacted Barracuda Networks, but have yet to receive a reply.
Up until now, for the most part they have been very responsive and
quick to reply. I am still hoping to hear back from them.

Any help on this problem would be greatly appreciated. Any neccesary
information about the current configuration of the Cisco PIX 506 can
also be supplied if needed.