Re: Symantec Desktop Firewall event log is always empty

From: Gerald Vogt (
Date: 05/15/04

Date: Sat, 15 May 2004 18:52:44 GMT

Michael Gainey schrieb:
> I have been using the Symantec Desktop Firewall v2.01 for over a month now.

How old is that thing? ;-)

> The security and privacy sliders are set to medium. It seems to be
> working -- it has caught a few trojans so far.

What do you mean with "it has caught"? Did you download a trojan and
executed it and "it" caught it? Or did it just tell you that someone in
the internet tried to access a "trojan port" of your computer. But as
long as you did not install a trojan this is never a problem, because
there is nobody listening at that particular port. So this message isn't
very interesting and nothing that you could say the firewall protected
you against because there was nothing to protect against. And as any
good trojan knows how to reconfigure your firewall to let it's own
traffic through, well, I guess, you get the point...

> When I view the Event Log (from the Options button), it's always empty.
> Does anyone know how this could happen?

Have you tried the support pages of symantec? Not many people here will
run that old thing probably. I have found this with a few clicks:

Search the rest of the knowledge base for your version to find anything