Re: scanning my ports and internal process trying to access their ip

From: Ondrej Vlcek (
Date: 05/03/04

Date: 2 May 2004 15:04:55 -0700

> Most likely, it was done by what is called a drive by where software can
> be installed on your machine as you surf a site. Apparently, Kerio and
> its IDS do not look for this kind of activity in the HTTP at Layer 7 or 5
> network traffic to prevent it. However, you should be able to set the
> browser to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

Hi, I work as a program manager for ALWIL Software, the makers of
avast antivirus Indeed is one of our
updating Internet servers.

I have to controvert your accusation that our servers are spreading
some kind of malware or are sending unsolicited packets to your

1. Our Internet presentation does not contain ANY activex, scripting,
java etc. that could in any way cause what you're describing.

2. Unless you install any of our software, no contact is done between
your machine and our servers - of course unless you manually initiate
it. Even if you have our software installed, the communication done by
the program is only for the sole purpose of updating the virus
database and/or the scanning engine.

3. Our servers are completely passive -- they don't initiate any
requests, they just serve.

As your accusation is quite serious, I'd like to ask you to either
prove your claims or find a real cause of the problem you're
experiencing. In any case, please keep us informed.

Thank you.

Ondrej Vlcek
program manager
ALWIL Software

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