Re: WinVNC

From: Spacen Jasset (
Date: 04/29/04

Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 21:07:09 +0100

"*Vanguard*" <no-email@post-reply-in-newsgroup.invalid> wrote in message
> But the OP said the potential customers CAN browse web pages. If they
> are still using the default port 80 to do so, why wouldn't the VNC
> client which was also using port 80 be able to get through? I suppose

They can but...
> server. Or does that merely present a web page to download a Java
> applet to the customer where they then locally run the applet (which
> would make the real VNC server connection but without using HTTP)?

You are exactly right. JavaVNC then connects on port 5900 as normal to the
VNC server (through the browser). You can't really stream data through a
http connection, well not in a sensible way ( but see if you
happen to be interested in this ).

Basically you want an any port out rule ( well you need 5900 anyway ) -
quite a few companies operate a policy like this, but then again quite a few
have become draconian and only allow outgoing connections through a proxy.
I.e. nothing in or out through the firewall.