Trouble programming network access filter gateway

From: Sachs (
Date: 04/28/04

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    Date: 28 Apr 2004 14:45:03 -0700


    I am programming a real-time network access filter gateway as a
    requirement of my course. The main purpose of the gateway is to block
    access to some black-listed websites (i.e. block some HTTP requests).

    I am using WinPCap 3.0 library and using VC++ 6.0 for development.
    WinPCap is good for developing network analysis tools, but there is
    one feature of teh library which allows one to send raw packets to the
    network adapter (

    Now my pseudo code for capturing request packets goes like this

      open network adapter connected to internal network (e.g. LAN);
      capture all request packets;
      if tcp request
         if http request
           parse http header and get domain name;
           lookup the domain name in the blocked list;
           if blocked
             drop the request packet(s);
             send customized response back;
             allow the request;
      send captured request packets to the network adapter connected to
    the external network (e.g. Internet);
      open network adapter connected to external network;
      capture all response packets;
      send captured responses to the adapter connected to the internal

    Now I am trying to capture packets from the internal network adapter
    using a filter expression
    ( in a
    promiscuous mode. The expression looks like "eth src xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
    and eth dst yy:yy:yy:yy:yy:yy", where "xx:xx:....:xx" is MAC address
    of the adapter where the requests are coming from (e.g. router) and
    "yy:yy:...:yy" is MAC address of the adapter on the gateway connected
    to internal network. similarly I follow the similar filter expression
    for the response packet capturing.

    Now the main issue is I don't see any response coming from the
    external network even if I transfer all the captured packets from
    internal network adapter to the external network adapter. Do I have
    to change the MAC layer addresses when I transfer all the packets from
    internal network to the external network ?

    I will appreciate any guidelines or references to the similar

    Thank you.

    Sachin Shah

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