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Date: 04/26/04

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    Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 21:43:51 -0400

    "Ian Roberts" <> wrote in message
    > Hi
    > I'm very experienced with stand alones and just need some info about
    > antivirus and firewalls for networks.
    > My uncle has a small office network which was put together some years ago.
    > It
    > comprises 1 server and 3 clients - all running windows 98.
    > He's asked me to sort out a few problems. Which I wont go into here.
    > One thing I want to ensure is that they have adequate virus and firewall
    > protection.
    > I'd appreciate any advice on suitable software for a small office network
    > that is approx 5 years old - they dont have the budget to upgrade their
    > and software just now. And it seems adequate anyway for the level of work
    > they are doing.
    > Also links to any sites with relevant info would be very helpful.
    > Thanks for your time.
    > Ian

    Put in a real appliance such as the Fortigate 50A. It will do autmoatically
    updated gateway antivirus and intrusion detection, serve as your VPN server
    if you move to that direction, as well as providing firewall and gateway
    services to your network. Overall costs are minimal compared to fooling
    around with personal firewalls and goofy LinkSys devices. It can even do
    rudimentary spam filtering though this feature is still in its infancy. All
    of this at near wire speed and with the reliability of an purpose built
    appliance with no moving parts.


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