Re: SonicWall VPN DNS refresh problems

From: Lars M. Hansen (
Date: 04/20/04

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 16:07:17 -0400

On 20 Apr 2004 09:55:38 -0700, Patrick Moreau spoketh

>First please do not reply to this email address as it no longer
>exists, just post back to the newsgroup.
>I have a problem with this VPN configuration:
>- We have a SonicWall 230 Pro
>- We use the SonicWall Global VPN Client on our home Windows XP
>- When connected the SonicWall network adapter does show up as being
>properly configured; meaning it has a valid IP and its DNS server
>entries are also properly configured. I am also able to ping the DNS
>servers from the VPN connection.
>The problem is the following: when we connect to the VPN to access our
>office network the DNS cached entries are never refreshed when we
>connect. So when ever a computer ends its IP lease from our DHCP the
>home computer will not know about it. So trying to access a computer X
>which had the IP but with its new lease got the IP
> will not work, pinging the computer X will comeback as
>unreachable from IP when in fact its IP changed.
>Now if I do a "ipconfig /flushdns" and "ipconfig /registerdns" all the
>DNS entries from our DNS server are refresh and I can now access X,
>but asking all my users to do the same is a bit of a problem.
>Any ideas how to resolve this??
>Patrick Moreau

Disable the DNS client service on the computer in question. That'll
prevent it from caching DNS entries locally, and ask the DNS server for
every name it needs to resolve.

Lars M. Hansen
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