ZAP differential blocking problem.

From: Junkmailraus (junkmailraus_at_aol.comstopjunk)
Date: 04/20/04

Date: 20 Apr 2004 04:32:10 GMT

Hi Everyone!

My question for today is whether anyone knows what the cause of the following
problem might be.

It seems that when I start a new instance of MSIE, it will not connect to the
Internet. However, when I start MSIE by clicking on "More Info" on the ZAP
"Alerts & Logs" page, then it connects to the ZoneLabs site just fine. From
there, if I keep opening MSIE off of that instance (by using the open link in a
new window fiunction), I can connect forever.

What is going on? Why can't a fresh instance of MSIE connect?

Thanks for your input!

I use w98se, MSIE-6 and aol-8. ZAP is the only firewall installed.
Pent. 2 at 333 MHz.