Re: BEFSX41 Firmware FYI

From: John Brock (
Date: 04/04/04

Date: 4 Apr 2004 16:52:43 -0400

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>>>BEFSX41 - Instant Broadband™EtherFast®Cable/DSL Firewall Router with
>>>4-Port Switch/VPN EndPoint
>>>Firmware Date : 3/17/2004
>>>Firmware File Size : 490KB
>>>Firmware Version : 1.50.9
>>>I just updated.... had to reset some stuff, including my password. It
>>>seems to be working okay. I use a lot of the default settings, though.

>>I flashed mine a few days ago and had problems. The upgrade seemed
>>to be successful, but most connect attempts failed. I had to flash
>>it several times before the router was usable, and it seems to be
>>OK now, but I still haven't used it enough to be sure the problems
>>aren't coming back.
>>I flashed it in the hope that the 10 minute inactive telnet session
>>timeouts I'd been seeing would go away, but after an initial test
>>which seemed positive the timeouts returned. Do you know anything
>>about this issue?

>Just a followup. I had to flash the router once or twice again
>after I posted the previous article. I find it very strange that
>the router would behave differently after different flashes! But
>its current behavior is close to acceptable. The only problem is
>that sometimes the router doesn't connect properly on startup,
>which never happened before I flashed it, and I have play around
>with the web interface or with yanking the plugs on the router or
>the DSL modem before there is a usable connection. But once it
>gets connected it seems to be OK. And on a positive note, at least
>after the most recent flash the 10 minute telnet timeout problem
>has gone away, which makes a big difference to me since I telnet
>a lot. :-)

Whoa! After posting this I decided to take another look at the
BEFSX41 firmware page, and 1.50.9 is gone, replaced by an older
version, 1.45.3. I guess Linksys decided 1.50.9 was not ready for
prime time.

John Brock