Re: How to turn off alerts in Personal Firewall?

From: Marshall Schuon (
Date: 04/04/04

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    Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2004 03:10:52 -0400

    On Fri, 02 Apr 2004 21:37:02 GMT, Nomad <> wrote:

    >On Fri, 02 Apr 2004 12:43:32 GMT, Lars M. Hansen
    ><> wrote:
    >>On Fri, 02 Apr 2004 02:16:57 -0500, Marshall Schuon spoketh
    >>>Does anyone know if there's an option buried somewhere in Norton's
    >>>Personal Firewall that allows you to turn off alerts? The alerts
    >>>about trojan horse attacks drive me nuts, but I can't find any way to
    >>>turn them off without actually disabling the protection.
    >>Yes, there is a way to disable it. I think (been a couple of months
    >>since I've seen NPF) it might be the intrusion detection piece that's
    >>most nagging. Go to the intrusion detection config screen, and disable
    >>the warnings there... You may have to edit each rule :(
    >>Lars M. Hansen
    >>(replace 'badnews' with 'news' in e-mail address)
    >In my experience with NPF 2003, if it's the Trojan alerts that are
    >bugging you, you'll have to edit the rule pertaining to that
    >particular Trojan, as Lars mentioned above. However, you don't
    >necessarily have to edit all the rules. By changing the
    >Backdoor/SubSeven rule to "create a log entry" instead of "security
    >alert", I eliminated 99.99% of my trojan-related security alerts.
    >Your mileage and/or trojans may vary. ;-)

    That would be good. But I don't find any way to change the rule to a
    log entry instead of an alert. I think I've looked everywhere, but
    maybe ...? Further help would be appreciated.


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