Cannot get rid of ZONE ALARM

From: Silly String (
Date: 03/22/04

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 13:29:41 -0500 (EST)

I downloaded a trial version of Zone Alarm pro and now I can't turn it
off or uninstall it. The problem I am having, is that there are a group
of organized cretins who have managed to gain remote control of my
computer. I know this because among many things, my zone alarm password
was changed while I left the computer on at night. They disenabling my
norton virus scanner, corrupted files etc. Not only that but ebay was
placed as a trusted zone (whatever thats worth) now the trial period is
up and I have 0 days to evaluate it, and it is still running and not
allowing me to connect to AOL, yahoo chat, etc. I am on webtv now
because webtv is safe and unhackable but I would like to also use my
computer. I can't uninstall zone alarm because it wants a password I
don't have. For the record I did find zone alarm to be fantastic,
amazing really, and would be willing to purchase it but I need to get
rid of the trial version first. What say the gurus here? How should I
procceed? Also can anyone ell me if by disconnecting my keyboard and
mouse I will be able to thwart anyone who wants to use my computer
remotely while I am asleep and the computer is running?

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