MSN Messenger and Kerio 2.1.5 rule set?

From: Press Ctrl-Alt-Del Now (
Date: 03/14/04

Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2004 20:19:38 GMT

Anybody have or know where to find a set of rules for Kerio 2.1.5 PFW for
MSN Messenger 6.1? I've tried a few searches but so far nothing. I was
wondering if this already exists. If not, anybody have a URL or know the
list of ports I would need to open up, besides the basic 1863/80/443.
You'd think that would easy to find but for some reason beyond me, I am not
finding them. I'd prefer not to allow msn messenger full, unrestricted
access if at all possible. TIA.

BTW I finally had to give up on Kerio PFW v4 on XP Pro. I did like its new
style and functionality but it was a resource hog and very buggy. I had
tried versions up to and including 4.0.13 and I still had problems with
crashes and rules being dropped/lost. After the 3rd time it lost my rule
set (packet filter), I had enough and put 2.1.5 back on. v2.1.5 does seem
faster although that is hard to quantify but so far, no crashes or lost
rules. Just to make sure this was not directly related to that PC, I had
also tried it on 2 more PCs with similar results. Are there any
incompatibilities between 2.1.5 and XP that I should be worried about? My
primary usage is to add a 2nd layer of protection behind a NAT router and
the PC is just for everyday stuff like e-mail, web browsing, usenet, etc.

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