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From: Dave Wallman (
Date: 03/05/04

Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 20:03:48 -0000

Zone alarm is very good and it's free. Get it here
"Leythos" <> wrote in message
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> says...
> > I am about to get broadband and my PC will be connected 24/7 to the
> > internet. I want to install a firewall that will keep me as safe as is
> > possible and will not be to intrusive or need much technical set-up.
> > Can anybody suggest what I should look at using.
> > thanks
> If you purchase a Linksys or Dlink Cable Modem Router with NAT (some
> even have a pseudo firewall in them) you will be well protected against
> "uninvited" guests.
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