Re: do i need a hardware firewall?

From: ObiWan (
Date: 02/23/04

Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 14:43:39 +0100

> I run xp pro with NIS 2003. Do i need a router with built in HW
> firewall,if so i'd prefer linksys but which ones have this facility?

Well, there are many (more below), but if you didn't open ports
in ICF (other than the default) and if you use your brain before
using your mouse you should be safe enough :-D

> I'm just a bit cautious at the moment as i seem to have been
> attacked!!

Well ... attacks are no news for anyone being on the 'net, at any rate
if you want to pick an h/w (SoHo) firewall I'd suggest you having a
look at the SMC product line instead of going straight to LinkSys, I'm
sayin this because A) CISCO admitted that _all_ its products contain
some code which may allow "external support personnel" to access
the device and change settings/what-else B) LinkSys is now property
of CISCO (and has been for some time now) ... so, I'd look at another
company for my firewall (and I personally switched to SMC and found
myself comfortable enough) ... btw this is just a suggestion ... :-)

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